Thursday, June 26, 2008

Village Elders

We had the awesome opportunity to talk with the village elders of Ilkurot. They expressed how important it is in an effort to protect the identity of Maasai for the children of Maasai to become educated so they can defend their traditional ways to the rest of society. The elders were representative of each area of Ilkurot. Ilkurot is on the outskirts of the district, so there was a public school, but it was much neglected and Donna's work with Maasai Wanderings has improved the area. Now, children can go to a school that is much closer to home. They welcomed all of us to stay and teach there - no problem/hakuna matata. They offered to put us up in their huts at night. How generous!! The gentlemen you will see pictured are wearing suit jackets and pants. They explained that this is their "business/office clothes." They, like the students, wear their traditional Maasai blanket at home. Similarly, the students change into school uniforms for school. In a way, they are leading a double life and learning the ways of the world while still holding on to the most important parts of their culture.

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