Thursday, June 26, 2008

In the Principal's Office

First things first at Ilkurot...we were called into the principal's office! We had a short introduction to the school and to what we would be doing that day. Keep in mind that the school is on vacation right now. And there are students coming just for a sample lesson for us. And teachers are coming just for a sample lesson for us. And the village elders are coming...just to talk with us. How cool is that? Now, all American teachers...put yourself in these shoes. Your principal calls you (on your vacation) to ask you to do a sample lesson for a group of teachers from another country...and could you get your students (you know...all 187 of them) and some of the parents to come too? And, could the PTA get the dance troupe to do a performance (Maasai warrior dance) and if the soccer team could come out and utilize the pitch, that would be great too. Yeah...

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