Thursday, June 26, 2008

Maasai Medicine Man

Godwin explained to us the role of the Maasai medicine man and some of the traditional medicines and treatments that are used by the Maasai. A piece of wood is used as a toothbrush. No paste necessary. He also explained traditional treatments for menstrual pain, migraines, STD's, infection, croup, asthma, broken bones, cancer, teething, and kidney pain. They've got things pretty well covered down there. We also learned while in the shop that many Maasai men scarred their cheeks, knocked out their bottom two teeth, and stretched their earlobes in an effort to not be taken during the slave trade. And - it worked. These characteristics were considered undesirable and the Maasai were considered very smart (in that they weren't taken) for doing so. Pictured: Medicine Man on the right, customer on the left, and a list of concoctions on the blackboard.

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