Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Six Degrees of Separation

Meet my fellow travelers: Bette, Patti, Cindy, Leeron, Jess, and Audrey...and let's not forget about Crystal.

So, you know how they say there's only six degrees of separation between you and anyone on the planet...well, almost everyone involved with this course was also involved with a children's literature course last summer. Dr. Goldstone introduced the idea and we feel in love with it.

So, to begin - Dr. Bette Goldstone - the reason I came to Arcadia in the first place! Dr. Goldstone was the adviser of my first mentor teacher at the school where I work, Janina. Janina had expressed to me what an awesome educator Dr. Goldstone is and I couldn't agree more.

Next up - Leeron. We met last year in our course and realized that we had some things in common then. I teach in the district where she grew up and we know some of the same people. For example, I know her neighbor, Heather. On this trip, we also realized after revealing both my married and maiden name that she knows my cousin, Joe. Small world indeed!

Patty, Jess, and Audrey were all in class together last summer, but we didn't have any revelations of knowing other people from before.

Cindy was not in the class with us last summer, but does teach in the high school where Jeff graduate from and taught while his sister was still in school there. I also know a few of the other teachers there including Jason B, and Mike S. Cindy's husband is also named Jeff.

Crystal (the best) organized much of the itinerary, booked our flights, and handled many other of the details. She also helped us find our way around town, called her taxi driver, Gasper, for us, and was otherwise irreplaceable. She also happens to take a dance class with an instructor that lives footsteps from me in Horsham. She is picture here with Tau, our driver, who rocks.

I hope that I don't lose touch with this "unique" group that I've grown to know and love.

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