Tuesday, June 3, 2008

International Children's Digital Library

For an upcoming assignment, I had good reason to revisit the International Children's Digital Library. I've added a link to the right for this. It is a fabulous compilation of books from around the world and in those languages represented all around the world. There are some Swahili selections to choose from. There are some familiar - Haiba and the Seven Dwarves anyone? There's that Disney machine again... And some that are less familiar - The Magic Balloon (the illustrations are awesome!). I was intrigued by the number of comic books available in Swahili too. This is truly a treasure that can be utilized to either expose children to other languages, allow children to read in their home language if that differs from English, and to expose children to stories they might not encounter in their school or public library that are available in English. The books can be sorted by age group, country of origin, award winners, short, medium, or long. It is an awesome database that continues to grow. Keep it alive by visiting the link to check it out!

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