Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mountaintop Chit Chat

Godwin took us to the top of a hill/mountain depending upon who you talk to... There, he told us the history of the Maasai and how they came to live in this region of Africa. He told us about their beliefs and traditions. He discussed polygamist practice of the past and present. Most do not, but as with all traditions, this has not stopped entirely. One of the stories that I thought was particularly interesting concerned a woman having difficulty having a baby. He explained that there was a spot to go to weep into the sand and pray for a child and once you have done that if you still are not blessed with a child, then another woman will have a baby and give it to you and no one will ever question who the mother is of the child. I thought this was a true testament to the strength of this community of people.

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