Monday, June 30, 2008

Argh - Technical Difficulties!

Well, I've been trying desperately to upload photos and videos - mostly in an effort to take them off my camera (at least the video). Alas, this was not meant to be today. It keeps appearing to load, and then I get an error message. So, in an attempt to get a little more Arusha time, I'll be off and I'll worry about making this blog a multi-media experience when I get home. I'll also add some text content upon my arrival on PA soil too! I hope you've all enjoyed following my subject headings - I know it's exciting! Tomorrow, I'll be canoeing with hippos (and, yes, I know they're vicious). So, as long as I still have my appendages, I'll be flying home tomorrow night and arriving back state-side on Wednesday night. Happy early 4th of July!!

1 comment:

august raby said...

Can't wait to hear all of your stories and adventures...looking forward to your arrival:) Love, August