Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cultural Heritage Center - Buffet

We had planned to meet with Mo, Josh, and Jared (IB students) to discuss what each of our groups were doing and how we could help each other over a PB and J picnic lunh. They had an even better idea and introduced us to an awesome souvenir shop/restaurant/hotel area called Cultural Heritage. When we arrived there, we were floored that this place was so close (walking distance) from Miracle Corners and yet we didn't even know it was there. Cultural Heritage offered buffet or ala carte. The restaurant-eur made an excellent pitch for buffet. Since we had such a large group (10 counting the boys) the buffet items were prepared freshly for us and he explained what a bargain it was considering the add-on ala carte costs (and don't worry - you'll be even more impressed once you realize my bargaining skills at the Maasai market). So, twist my arm that's (buffet) the way I went. I also got a tall glass bottle of coca-cola. Overall my buffet selections (don't judge me) included tomato soup, bread, vegetable samosa, hummus, pita, rice, vegetable curry (does anyone see a trend here?), pineapple, watermelon, fruit cookie, and donut. I think I got my money's worth - what do you think? I also remembered (since I always, always, always should) to use the available - and lovely - facilities.

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