Thursday, June 26, 2008

Lost in Translation

We treated our driver, Tau, to dinner at Bella Luna for doing such a great job all week. Jess and I got to talking with him and learned more about his family and how he got started working in Arusha. He is from Moshi, a town closer to Kilimanjaro. I was curious what Tau, or others in this area, knew about global warming. When we asked him about it, he thought for a moment, then told us that he had seen a sign board (advertisement) with those words. I thought we were onto something. Then he told us that he would take us there. He thought it was a place that we wanted him to drive us to... So, we filled him in on the crisis that our world is undergoing. I explained that we weren't trying to scare him, but nonetheless - imagine yourself being filled in on a topic like this and having no idea that this was going on!

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