Thursday, June 26, 2008

The 3 R's: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

In an effort to cut down on plastic usage, we purchased this larger bottle of water to refill our smaller bottles of water. In other conservation news, there were many recycled arts available for purchase...and I did! In one shop, there were frames and furniture made from a dhow. The explanation included with the frame reads "This picture frame is handmade from recycled, hardwood planks and nails taken from a large how called MV Sophia, that we found in total disrepair, on the beach, in Zanzibar. Over thirty five years old, this dhow had led a life of sailing between the spice islands and mainland carrying coconuts, dry goods and passengers. Handmade in Tanzania. email:" So, if you're interested in owning your own piece of dhow, drop a line. I also picked up a few necklaces made of paper beads and I noticed many other recycled materials pieces, like earrings featuring bottle caps and trucks made of aluminum can material. Going green in TZ.

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