Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Miracle Corners - Day 3

We worked with students on color names and sang a song involving the color names. We worked on critical thinking by asking the students to produce names of an item that is that color, and to raise their hand if they are wearing that color. For example, name an object that is red; if you're wearing blue, please stand up; etc. Typically, in American school, this is a common transition activity to line up at the door, or proceed to desks. The students weren't entirely sure what to make of this. But they did enjoy their new rainbow!

After the computer class was so engaged with adding sound to presentations, I taught them how to insert movie files step by step. One of the students inserted a movie file and used my mic to record his own voice to introduce it. Jared taught another group typing skills and Josh taught the teacher how to degragment. I tried to import pictures byt the computers couldn't handle that. While Josh was defragmenting, the first computer he tried to defrag only had 1% of free space available - so, note to UPenn and Microsoft (who originally donated the computers) they're ready for a makeover. The boys are planning to raise funds to send USB flash drives which should alleviate some of the space issued on the computers which will also help with the speed of the available computers. However slow you think your computer is - you have NO idea! The people are very patient, understanding, and appreciative of the technology they have accessible which is more than I can say for most of us. The computers aren't connected as a network so when you save something on one, you cannot access it from another. This could be one more way to alleviate some space. The computer are currently not connected to the internet...but that may be a reach. Though, the office is connected...hmmm. We also found the books that I might have the opportunity to organize - though now, time is running out to do so.

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