Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Dear Son

Today, you turn one.  First, how on earth did that happen?!?  I mean, I know how that happened but this has probably been the fastest year of my life!  I like to think we enjoyed every second.  No, we did enjoy every second.  I want to apologize for not doing a better job of publicly documenting your every waking moment this year as I often did with your sister.  But, well...you're a second kid.  In the BEST possible way.  So, a little about you this year.  Let's see...bath time.  I'm sure you'll really love this years from now.

Perhaps I re-wrote history a bit in my mind.  See, I'm looking back at this photo and you do not seem to be enjoying yourself.  I swear, you did like baths for a while.  Shall we see if we can find more evidence?  

That's better!!  But, well, you do NOT like baths...or water for that matter right now.

I thought you might like a bath in the big tub with your sister better.  Wrong!  And you picked the WORST time to decide this as it is now SUMMER and I would like to basically sit in a pool with you all summer long but you seem to have other plans.  I suggest you get over this affinity for being dry (and might I add dirty since I'm terrified to bathe you lately...thought I WILL before your 1 year check up.) as we are entering a heat wave presently.  Also,  I'm a diving coach and by no means will you find me forcing you (or your sister) to follow in any footsteps, I think you should enter the pool from time to time.

Moving right along...moving.  You can MOVE kid!  

You were a confident sitter shortly after 6 months and a crawler, backwards for a time, and then forward.  Now, you still prefer crawling and you are a noisy crawler.  You slap at the floor loudly as you move, which is helpful as I can always pinpoint where you are on our hardwood floors by sound alone.  You've been cruising for a bit.  

And, allegedly, you have taken a few steps for daddy.  I'm in a bit of denial.  Because you are my baby!!  And I am in no rush for all this walking nonsense.  But walk, and run, you will.  And you already climb Everest sized mountains of steps. Up and up and up.

Now, for comparison sake... You have an awful lot of teeth.  Your sister didn't get ANY teeth until after her first birthday.  You have SIX!

Just look at those chompers!

And you use them for more than just smiling.  Though, you are quite smiley.  That will be next.  For now, food, glorious food!  We did something called Baby Led Weaning with you, which basically means we offer you the same food we are eating, for the most part, in a form you can pick up yourself and feed yourself.  And you love exploring ( and sometimes refusing) new foods.

Right now, you particularly like Cheerios. And cheese.  Lots of cheese.

Back to smiling.  You are super easy going.  An overall happy guy.  Except for sometimes.  The sight of clowns, nuns in habit, dogs, Santa, or characters (several of these are consistent with your sister) send you into hysterics.  

Also, if something is taken away from you (particularly something that belongs to your sister that she has decided you should never ever have and that she snatches away from you emphatically and decisively), or if you are told no (when you really want to do something) you can melt into a sad puddle of tears.  But your cry is SO DARN CUTE.  Your lower lip, and the crocodile tears.  Oh, and the bath or pool.  Perhaps I mentioned that already.  Besides those situations, you are a super happy, go-with-the-flow kinda guy.  Which is good.  Because you are the second kid.  Your job is to go with the flow.  You can nap on the go...or at home.  Eat lunch...or drink milk out and about.  

And you are a lucky second kid because you have a sister who LOVES you so much!  And I can tell already that she will defend you until the day she dies.  But may I suggest you stop slobbering on her toys.  She doesn't like that much.

Stay just this way.  Don't grown another inch.  Don't change.  But you will grow and you will change and you will continue to amaze us all with your awesomeness. So, do grow, and do change.  And continue to amaze.  And be awesome.  We love you so!