Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Foundations for Tomorrow

Well, this afternoon we met Meghann Hessert Gunderman and the crew from The Foundation for Tomorrow. They sure do know how to do this right! Meghann studied International Relations at St. Andrew's in Scotland (yes - the St. Andrew's of Prince William and Kate Middleton) and volunteered in an orphanage in Tanzania in the summers. While still in college, she raised funds for the orphanage from back home. Like many others, she graduated and began to work in the "real world" (not the show - the real, real world). But then she did something different, very different. Meghann realized that she wasn't happy working for a bank and decided, instead, to go back to something she knew would make her happy. She, at the age of 23 she started an NGO (Non-Government Organization - better known as a non-profit) called "The Foundations for Tomorrow." TFFT raises funds to send students from the orphanage to school - and a good one too! I was simply blown away by her story and by the work that she has done. At the age of 23...what was I doing - what were you doing? Young and Restless indeed! And for all those educators out there - a Scholastic News article.
Check out the blog for TFFT.
And...they're not done! TFFT is thinking of new ways to reach out to the children in these communities including after school programs - specifically "Go Green, Go Clean, Go Bean, Go Cuisine" - a program that would teach the Mamas of the orphanage and the children about organic gardening, clean water sources, seed programs, and balanced cooking. Here's the TFFT crew after a long flight and some missing luggage.

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