Thursday, January 28, 2010

Visiting Daddy at Work

Last week, we surprised Jeff with a visit at work.  Cecelia had lots of fun in the back where Daddy teaches kinder-climb.  She went through the obstacle course, climbed around a bit, went for a ride in the tube, and then tossed a few puff know, that's what all the 6 month olds are doing these days.

Oh, and using power tools.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Food Fun

Here is a video of Cecelia eating Rice Cereal and a sound she makes when she would like to eat!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Age: 28 Weeks

Today I am 28 weeks old.  Lately, I've been pushing up on my knees for a few seconds and then collapsing back down.  I seem to get frustrated when mom or dad don't know what I want.  Why don't they get it already?!?  I've been enjoying food and eating very much.  The faces I make can be pretty priceless though when a new taste hits my tongue, but I'm a voracious eater no matter what it is that's going into my mouth.  Yum!

Monday, January 25, 2010

To (fu) Night

So far, Cece's had cereal, veggies (carrots), fruit (apple), and now...protein.  Protein in the form of tofu.  When she was born, people asked if she would be raised vegetarian, and I wasn't all too sure.  I'm still not sure, but I read that tofu is one of the great first foods because it takes on the taste of whatever it is mixed with and even by itself, babies enjoy the bland taste and it can make a great finger food.  I'm not sure Cece loved it, but I guess we'll see as time goes on.  I feel like this is some sort of religious choice - like I'm raising her in many different faiths so that she can choose for herself when she's old enough.  Only it's food - if she wants a burger later, I'm sure she'll let us know.  Jeff joked before that one day she'll hear about these "Happy Meals" and be all upset with us for keeping this whole other world from her.  Hopefully all her meals will be "happy."

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Baby Whisperer

Jeff is the new self proclaimed baby whisperer and I'm more than happy to concur.  He has a knack for getting our daughter to sleep at night more effectively than I.  I am willing to let go of this responsibility and defer to Jeff on all going to sleep issues.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Great Sippy Spill

Cecelia's started experimenting with sippy cups.  We already had one that I got at her baby shower and I purchased two stainless steel varieties to try out.  Two out of three leak like crazy.  The munchkin sippy and the Foogo sippy both leak in the same spot.  The Safe Sippy seems to work ok (so far).

Grade: C - Leaks and it's plastic...

Grade: B - Leaks but it's stainless steel

Grade: A - no leaking, stainless steel with a sleeve so that it's not too cold on little fingers, the handles may not hook close enough to use links to connect it to the stroller though, but it's worth it if it doesn't leak!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Age: 27 Weeks

I am 27 weeks today and tonight, I'll get my first taste of veggies: carrots.  I've been enjoying cereal so far and I've been showing signs of "satiety" which means I turn my head away or pull back when I've eaten enough.  Mom was worried about this because she's never quite sure I'm done when I'm drinking my milk.  Because I'll pull away and pop back on and pull away and pop back on.  But with food on a spoon, I seem to be able to turn it down when I'm full.  By eating veggies first, hopefully I'll have a taste for the healthiest stuff.  Yum!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Fittest Mama Challenge Update

So, I can't go to the weigh in on Thursday so I weighed in tonight at class and...I'm down 8 pounds!!  According to the guidelines, the max allowable for the first two weeks is 4 per week, so I've done all I can do.  Go Team Purple!  I'm definitely sticking to this and reaching my goal!  In the spirit of full disclosure, I decided that each time I meet my goal for a weigh in, I get to reward myself with a guilty pleasure food.  I figure once every two weeks is pretty good, right?  The max allowable is 3 pounds per week from here on out, so 6 more to go for the next weigh in.  I don't know that the rest will be so "easy."  I've been eating better.  For starters, I thought I was eating well, but improvements were made, and I've been working out more than before.  And, it's paying off.  Optimal health, here I come!

Out the Window

The plan...well, it was out the window anyway.  The sleep plan.  Cecelia decided to take matters into her own hands.  Now, any time she's being put into her swing, she arches her back and (essentially) stands up, making it awfully unsafe/impractical for a sleeping position.  On a good news front, she will go down into her crib, even if it's only for 10-20 minutes at a time.  Before, she would (in her semi-sleep state, mind you) cry out in protest if she was even being lowered into her crib.  She still prefers in arms/our bed.

Post note - I was trying to upload a video and in so doing, this post sat unpublished most of the day, so this AM's nap was horrific, followed by her conking out approx. 2 hours after starting to put her down for a nap (did I mention it was horrific) and her second nap was in-arms for 2 hours and then when she went down she stayed down for a half hour on her own (possibly a new record).  We'll see - very soon, what her third nap holds in store for us today.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

First Food (Or Food Like Item)

Yesterday (Saturday) Cecelia experienced her first food: Rice Cereal.  She seemed to like it.  She's been playing with her spoons and bowls in her high chair for a few weeks now and watching us eat.  She kept grabbing the spoon and putting it into her mouth.  She ate every last bit and then had some breastmilk for dessert.  Video coming soon!

Saturday, January 16, 2010


I'm feeling refreshed already.  Perspective is good.  I've always been a positive, patient person, but putting someone else's expectations on my daughter seemed to change my perspective on what things should look like.  Bad idea.  Lesson learned.  One step at a time from here on out.  I think a lot of the ideas I read about were good ideas, but instead of taking baby steps (pun intended), I'd try to do it all at once, and possibly early because I do NOT procrastinate.  I'm learning to take it slow and enjoy the ride.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Juggling Act

Last year, I had a lot of ideas about what this year would look like.  And it didn't seem preposterous to do many of the things I did before.  Now it does, and I plan to scale back in order to set my priorities straight.  As you may have seen a running theme in the "experts" post, it's that I'm driving myself a little nuts.  My husband will most certainly attest to this.  After Cecelia's pediatrician's appointment today, I was instructed to stop reading and go back to what I was doing that was working for us and what made us happy.  And I'm going to follow doctor's orders (and my husband's too).  There are certainly pieces of the new routine that are good and can stay, but for the most part, I'm going back.  Before when I didn't know all this "stuff" I was happy, the baby was happy, we were all pretty happy.  Now, I'm clued in a little more to the times when she's not happy and that's good - but I can't drive myself crazy because of it.  It's not healthy for any of us.  Soon, some of my other obligations will be finishing up and I can re-center and re-focus on what's really important right now.  This time, right now.  That's what's important.  We won't get it back and any of the negative parts will be forgotten, so why dwell on them now?  

Speaking of Cecelia's doctor's appointment - something else to worry about...which I'm not going to do, of course.  According to their measurements this time, she lost weight!  Now, the doctor we spoke to today insists that the last measurements must be wrong.  And I agree - she's outgrowing her clothes now, she seems heavier, and she looks taller, but alas.  Plus, the last measurements were a big jump.  One I was super proud of, but I digress.  These measurements keep her more within the percentile range that was the norm for the first three months, that four month spike was, most likely, wrong.  For the past month or so, Cecelia had been eating at routine times, now I'm going to try to feed her as often as possible, if for nothing else to stimulate and increase my supply (just in case), and we're introducing solids which should help pack on more pounds too.  The doctors were not worried about this... so I (well, I'll try anway) won't either.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Experts: Elizabeth Pantley

Once again...ignorance was bliss.  Elizabeth Pantley is the author of "The No Cry Sleep Solution," "The No Cry Nap Solution," and many other No Cry books.  I was seduced by her middle of the road approach.  She outlines that there seem to be two extreme philosophies when it comes to infants and sleep.  Either let them cry it out, or learn to live with it.  Pantley proposes a middle ground - gently get them to sleep without crying.  There are a variety of different "solutions" intended to address all different situations - i.e. bottlefeeding, breastfeeding, crib sleeping, and co-sleeping.  Different "problems" are specifically addressed as well - the cat napper, the motion sleeper, the in-arms sleeper, the night time you see where I'm going with this?  Before reading this book, I didn't know I had any problems, and I didn't know Cecelia had any sleep problems either.  I figured if she was tired, she'd sleep.  And I was ok with night waking, I figured it was all a part of this baby deal.  When people asked how she was sleeping, I replied that I was happy with her sleeping, because I was.  But now...oh the worry.  I worry that she's not getting enough sleep, not for me, but for her; and not just at night, but during the day.  Pantley's book outlines a chart with averages for daytime and night time sleep, including the range of the amount of time she can be comfortably awake, citing homeostatic pressure.  It outlines the average number of naps and how long those naps will be at each age milestone.  Cecelia never really settled into a routine.  I blame myself.  Because, what else is a mother to do.  Before, I thought that if Cecelia slept long stretches during the day, she wouldn't sleep long stretches at night, so... I woke her up if I thought she had slept "too long."  When she did naturally wake up, I kept her up to play.  Little did I know, I was messing with her routine setting.  So, now I know she should be taking 2-3 naps a day of 1 1/2 - 2 hour stretches.  She doesn't do well with this.  Using the strategies in the No Cry Nap Solution, we've moved from sleeping in-arms/in-sling to sleeping in the swing or the car seat and I've been able to intervene to try to keep her sleeping for longer stretches.  Soon, the goal is to move her to actually napping in...her crib.  Now, the flip side to all of this "progress" is interesting.  Before, I heard people talk about their baby's nap schedule and it seemed to bind them.  In other words, they couldn't leave the house until the baby woke up.  I felt fortunate that Cecelia would sleep in her sling, that she would sleep on the go.  That I could go places and she'd sleep when she needed to.  Now that she's grown accustomed to her nap routine, it's increasingly difficult for her to nap out and about, i.e. in the stroller, or the sling.  And so, I'm bound.  Or I should be.

And on to night time sleep.  According to Pantley's solutions, an earlier bed time and a consistent routine are the key to night time success.  I tried a bed time routine early on and it didn't seem to work, so I abandoned it.  So, consistency wasn't exactly happening.  The fault there was that bedtime was an arbitrary time that I chose, not one based on a natural bedtime for an infant.  Only recently, Cecelia's begun to let us know when she's tired with clear cues.  Before she'd get fussy and we'd have to rule out other things.  Is she tired, is she wet, is she gassy?  Then I guess she might be tired.  That never seemed to be the obvious choice before.  Now, looking back, all those times when I'd try to feed her (you know, because I thought she MUST be hungry) and she'd get mad at me, she was probably...tired.  Since she grew accustomed to motion to help her get to sleep, she needed motion to get her to sleep, or she'd fuss until she got some.  And she would.  Because we would.  Which I do not regret in any way.  So, the swing discovery was key.  Before Cecelia rejected her swing.  Now, I turn it on before she falls asleep, so she can hear it.  You see - it's a loud swing and turning it on once she was falling and/or had fallen asleep would immediately wake her back up again.  But, if the swing was already on, it just became background noise, another sound that helps her get to sleep, along with the sound of lullabye music, the dimmed lighting, and a bed time story that I could read every night for the rest of my life: "Guess How Much I Love You?", all following a bath, fresh diaper, and lotion massage.  These are all pieces of a bed time routine that I can live with.  Again, the goal is to get her to not need motion to get to sleep, and we'll get there.  I imagine she won't be a 17 year old sleeping in a swing, right?  And, as for the rest of the night time, she still wakes to eat and falls asleep just fine in a co-sleeping arrangement and we're happy with that.  Each night when she falls asleep for her first stretch, I think to myself...maybe tonight's the night.  You know - THE night.  Big mistake.  Set the bar low.  Before, my expectation wasn't for long stretches of sleep.  They were nice, but not the expectation.  So, when it happens, it happens.  Until then, we'll work on moving there one step at a time.

So, Elizabeth Pantley's books have been extremely helpful.  At first though, I felt like this was an all or nothing prospect.  That was after reading the sleep solution book.  After reading the nap solution book, I felt more confident in using the pieces that work for us and leaving the rest.  I'm still worried that she's not getting enough sleep.  For every nap that's not equivalent to at least one sleep cycle, I'm convinced that the rest of the day is ruined.  So, I need to relax.  And enjoy this time with my baby (when she's awake and asleep) before she gets one day older.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Age: 26 Weeks

OMG - I'm getting awfully close to 6 months.  This Friday, I have a doctor's appointment and shortly thereafter I'm planning to stuff my face, glorious food!  This past weekend, I went for my first trip to Washington, D.C. to visit my aunt Sheila and all her roommates.  We visited Aunt Sheila's college and the Basilica and then we visited Uncle Chris at work.  We also went on a driving tour of the monuments.  My highlight was a group nap with mom, aunt Sheila, and mom-mom on Sunday morning.  I sure do like my naps.  And if I don't get 'em in, I sure am a cranky pants.  I'm sitting up like a pro these days and when I'm laying on my belly, I push my butt into the air, a sign that I'll push up on hands and knees soon to really get moving.  Look out, here I come!

Friday, January 8, 2010

The Experts: Priscilla Dunstan

Last spring, a new mom friend of mine told me that everyone will tell you that you'll know what your baby wants when they cry and you don't always know and don't let that make you feel bad.  I nodded.  And I thought to myself, well maybe YOU don't know what YOUR baby wants, but surely I will.  I know better now.  It seems that the more I try to tune in to what Cece wants, the harder it is to understand.  Priscilla Dunstan came up with a program to dissect baby language.  I blogged about this before as well.  It may well work, but I found it to be one more thing that made me feel like I couldn't understand her and SHOULD be able to.  She would be screaming and I'd be focused in on her mouth to see if the tongue was touching the roof of her mouth and making the neh sound.  Ridiculous, I realize - but at the time it all made perfect sense to me.  Fortunately I did not purchase the video myself, it was loaned to me.  Also, as with the rooting reflex and many other infant reflexes, these sounds (neh, eh, eairh, and...I already forget the other one) disappear too around 4 months.  I kept thinking to myself, well, even if this works, what will I do when she's 4 months old?  So, in my personal opinion, Dunstan Baby language is interesting and thought provoking, buuuut, if all it does is make you a little crazy, I'd suggest not knowing.  Because, well, sometimes ignorance IS bliss.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Fittest Mama Challenge

So, last night I was a little too tired to post more about the challenge and this morning isn't that much different - but it's a new day!  The Fittest Mama Challenge is a competition to improve health and lifestyle. Not too dissimilar from the Biggest Loser, participants % age of weight loss will be calculated bi-weekly and participants will be counseled and coached in nutrition, exercise, and other areas for overall lifestyle improvement.  There are two teams - the green team and the purple team.  The green team is comprised of veteran mamas (with babies or children approximately one or older) and the purple team is made up of the newbie mamas.  I thought this was a great idea in that schedules might be slightly more similar with groupings like this and kids might be more likely to play together when mamas get together to work out.  At the same time, these groupings have their cons too.  Many participants on the Green Team have participated in the challenge before and know what to expect and know each other already, so there's a great support system over there.  I know that we'll get this kind of support together too, but it takes some time to create that kind of camaraderie.  There are different challenges along the way, like planks, push ups, sit ups, wall sits, stair running, etc.  And there are other workshops on nutrition counseling and...blow drying.  That's right - blow drying and styling hair.  And, to be totally honest, that might just be what I'm looking forward to most because I am TERRIBLE at doing my hair and smoothing it even though the hairdressers and my sister can always tame it pretty well.  So I'm looking forward to some instruction in that area.  Like I mentioned last night, participants need to use one of three options of calorie counters online and I've found one that I like quite a lot.  I like that it connects to Facebook and you can create a supportive community.  Perhaps our team can utilize this tool to feel more connected and help each other out.  We'll see.  I mentioned in a past post that I'm back to pre-baby weight, but not tone and that's part of my goal, to tone up.  Also, pre-baby I wasn't quite where I wanted to be BMI - wise, but, as an individual I was happy/complacent with how far I've come already.  As part of a team, with others depending on me, I'm hoping to meet my BMI goal by April.  Also, for each pound gained, you owe $1 towards a pampering gift certificate for the overall winner and, for those of you who don't know me I'm a bit...frugal (read cheap), so this is an excellent incentive for me to stay on track.  I've also already found that eating better saves me money.  I went to the movies yesterday (blog about that tomorrow) and instead of getting popcorn and a soda for my snack/lunch, I packed apple slices, a cheese stick, and water.  Not quite the same, but delicious nonetheless and a lot less expensive than movie theater popcorn.  The calorie count website is also helpful for me to understand the content of my foods better.  I try to eat whole foods as much as possible, but I'm not the best at balancing proteins, carbs, and fats, and this tool graphs that for you so I can see where my deficits are on a daily basis and strive to make recipes that make up for that in the future.  There's a recipe browser on the site and other suggestions for foods.  Tracking my activity is something I did before, but again, not to this extent.  Perhaps I'll dust off the pedometer again too.  Wish me luck!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Fit as a Fiddle

Last night began the "Fittest Mama Challenge" through One Fit Mama and I'm excited to be a part of it.  I spent a good portion of today, besides exercising and eating right, setting up a calorie counter/food tracker profile online and found a service that I prefer - Calorie Count.  I tried out Fit Day and I thought I liked that, but there is no comparison and the first one I tried was Lose It, but it seems like that's just an iPhone app and, well, I don't have one...yet.  I'll update more on the challenge and what it's all about soon.  Stay fit.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Age: 25 Weeks

Today I am 25 weeks old and there's no stopping me now - muhahahaha.  I couldn't let the weeks pass me by without getting a picture in my very cool and crafty pirate bunny onesie from Aunt Julie - thanks Aunt Julie!  And, while mom was doubting that I'd outgrow this size of clothing some things are definitely a bit snug and will get washed and retired this week.

Early last week I started sitting up and now I'm (almost) a total pro at this feat.  In my pictures now I don't need the boppy to support me, but mom usually sits me with it so I don't tumble backwards or to the side, but if I tip forward I usually brace myself and push up with my hands.  It also seems to happen now if I'm actually reaching forward for something and not just by chance that I've lost my balance.  Last night, I started pushing up on hands and knees so I'll be zipping around this place in no time.  Since I'm starting to push up that way, other items need to be retired too - my co-sleeper (which will go to my coming soon buddy, Baby Raby) and the bassinet insert of my Pack and Play.  I'm also excited for the new toys that are coming downstairs soon because I am getting bored pretty easily, though I'm enjoying playing with my spoons and bowls in my big girl high chair.  I love watching mom and dad eat and I can't wait to try it out for myself.  Mom's planning to put down a plastic shower curtain liner under me because she thinks I might be a little messy.  I'm certain it will all go in my mouth and down the hatch.  (We'll see).

Here's to a very happy 2010 for all.  Happy New Year!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

The Experts: On Pacifiers

So, after reading Dr. Karp, I registered for two 0-3 mo. pacifiers

and two 3-6 mo. pacifiers

because that was as long as we were going to need them.  Cecelia was going to chow down on some fingers at 6 months.  Well, first things first...we're getting close to 6 months and she prefers her pacifier to fingers, toes, teething items and, sadly, me - except for when she actually needs to eat.  Now, we have made her pacifier for naps and sleep only at this point to step her down.  Doesn't it sound like she's on a nicotine patch?  Oh and when we would just really like her to be calm and quiet - if she's freaking out in the carseat (which she still does sometimes) or in church, for example.  So, what's the problem - well, there's some conflicting info out there in regards to pacifiers.  The breastfeeding experts will have you believe that it is not only not necessary, but just plain bad.  If baby is getting her sucking needs met at the breast she simply shouldn't need to suck on a pacifier, OR her fingers.  Well, sheesh - if I could I would.  Cecelia seems to not realize the body of research that states this information and she would very much like her pacifier, thank you very much.  So, as was the case with slings, I've heard from other mothers who's baby wouldn't take a pacifier and they tried a bunch.  At first I was jealous, I was torn that she wanted/needed a pacifier and I wasn't successfully meeting her sucking needs.  I worried about low supply and looks of disdain.  Now I look back and I'm thankful that we found something so easily that works for our daughter.  Babies R Us had a sale on the kind of pacifiers that we use - buy 2 get one free, so I went to check it out.  I thought that since the first two sizes were 3 mo. increments that the rest would be too.  But - the next size up was 6-18 months.  What!?! Jackpot - a whole year!  I found one of the sets with a glow in the dark handle for easy nighttime finding.

 And I picked up two other sets that I like but don't love.

I plan to either exchange them for ones that I do love when they've restocked post sale or return them and keep my free one - ah the retail genius.  The one that we chose is the Avent BPA Free Orthodontic pacifier - it has air vents to provide air circulation to the sensitive skin around the mouth and the one I picked is clear around the mouth so that you can still see her face - sort of.  There is no upside down and it has a handle.  Cecelia likes to play with it and chew on all sides of it, hook her thumb in the handle, fling it across the room - a pacifier and a toy all wrapped into one.  Plus it comes with a protective case for the nubbin part that doesn't get used often enough.  After she was hooked, I heard from other moms about why they choose the soothie

instead and it's because it's all one piece...well, she hasn't managed to tear this one apart yet, so I'm sticking with it.  Now onto the next chapter in pacifying - one of the other reasons I was, at first, opposed was that when she lost it, I'd have to find it and replace it during waking...and sleeping hours. And this is one of the reasons that Elizabeth Pantley, of the No Cry Sleep Solution, suggests gently removing the pacifier gradually to eliminate the suck to sleep association.  We'll get there...right now I'm happy she has any association with sleep.  Also, there is now research to encourage pacifier use for up to one year while sleeping to prevent SIDS as promoted by the AAP.  I don't always agree with their recommendations, but when I do, I'll tell you about it.  So now one year is my new deadline...we'll see.  Check back in 6 months and see if we've kicked the paci habit.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Experts: Dr. Karp

Dr. Karp's book "The Happiest Baby on the Block" was probably the first (of many) books that I read while I was pregnant.  Everything seems cut and dry when you're pregnant.  Dr. Karp's theories are based on the 5 S's - Swaddling, Sucking, Swinging, Shushing which all lead to Soothing.  The ideas are intended to combat colic which he insists (as do others that I read) simply does not exist in other cultures where these practices, along with baby wearing, are more commonplace.  Many mothers talk about colic in relation to gassy/fussy foods, or just "that time of day/night".  Dr. Karp points to the fact that in these other cultures, not only do babies not have colic, they don't cry.  They just don't cry.  They eat a variety of foods and they certainly experience the same times of day that we do.  But their babies don't cry.  They are held and loved in arms.  Now, as an expecting mom, this all sounds GREAT to me.  Other moms tell me about their colicky baby, their fussy baby, their crying baby - and I thought to myself, they must not know about swaddling.  I researched swaddling and different wraps, babywearing and different slings, carriers, and the like.  A friend's sister swore by "The Happiest Baby" and another friend lent me Dr. Karp's video.  I made Jeff watch and understand the volume of the shushing - it should be loud to replicate what baby's hearing in there right now.  All of this should replicate the womb.  The swinging - just like when I'm moving her now, the swaddling, she's pretty tight in there, right, the shushing - again, it's loud in there, and the sucking - well, I guess she does that too.  This is where I got the idea that we should use a pacifier (once breastfeeding is established) to soothe her until she can find her fingers.  We looked at diagrams of the colic carry where baby is on his/her side and cradled to the body like a football.  The fourth trimester and its logic.  Other mammals have longer gestational periods, but since humans have big brains and are smart (PS - why do we always think we're soooo smart?)  we have to deliver babies a whole three months before they're ready which is why babies look and seem so fragile and upset with this rude awakening in the big wide world for about...three months.  And why everyone says it gets better after...three months.

We knew what we were doing.  Right?

So, the big day arrives and Cecelia looks happy as a clam swaddled nice and tight in the hospital.  We got her home and she quickly started kicking and thrashing her way out of that.  She did like to be held tight, but she liked to be held a person.  No piece of silly fabric was keeping that contained.  Except for the sling - it's firm fabric held Cece in a pretty tight ball and was very effective in calming her.  Shushing is and has definitely been effective in soothing her as has swinging.  Most recently in the swing.  Prior to that though, all swinging had to occur with a dancing, bouncing, be-bopping adult at all times.  And sucking.  I'll get to that a little more with some of the other experts.  But my mom and pediatrician decided that breastfeeding had better be well established by 2 weeks because this one had an intense sucking need (as Dr. Sears would refer to it) and was using me for this purpose hourly if not more often.  Or, you could just say...I'm a sucker.  With all this, she still wasn't what you might call soothed.  And she definitely cried.  And I definitely felt like I was doing something wrong because "they" say that in other cultures babies just don't cry.  And mine does.  And how.  And so, I conclude by letting you know something that you probably already know - every baby is different.  Every parent is different and the ways that we parent might look different, but we're all doing the best we can.  Even if we drive ourselves nuts thinking there must be a better way.  And we should know what it is.

So, I fully recommend Dr. Karp's "Happiest" books.  The one I read (there are others...because you know you want the Happiest Toddler on the Block too...) was great and informative, and helpful.  But I think it's an important caveat to point out that there is no one right solution for every baby or parent, but it can't hurt to try.

Oh, and it does get better after three months - but not automatically.  There are other things to figure out and we'll get there.  I promise.  Better is not always easier...she'll be moving soon.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Who Are "They?"

Along the same line with my expert posts...which really are coming, I promise...I find it interesting that as a new parent, whenever I'm trying to justify something that I'm doing, I refer to "them."  Well, "they" say...  Who are they?  And why do I feel like I need to justify anything?  But I do...and I refer to "them" quite often.  It's a way of putting the onus on someone else.  So, if it's wrong, it wasn't my idea anyway.  I hope everyone enjoys the weekend before the new year really begins come Monday.  Because, you know what "they", wait, what do "they" say?

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Things

With the New Year and Cecelia's quickly approaching 6 month mark comes new things.  New toys for one.  I got all her 6 month toys ready to go with batteries, batteries, and more batteries.  Because as opposed to all those passe rattles and touchy feely items (which I love...) 6 months seems to mark the time for the toy industry to step it up a notch.  It seems like everything flashes and makes noise.  I'm not sure how this toy era will go in our household.  There may be headaches and toy hiding to follow.

The toys that I asked for were feeding items because 6 months will also mark the start of solid food (and solid food poop) for our baby girl.  After washing her spoons and bowls yesterday, I introduced them for her to explore a bit.  As a teacher, we always introduce math manipulatives and the like for students to explore and experiment with prior to asking them to do something concrete with them.  This way, they get out all those things that they really want to do with those items.  Likewise, I thought it best that Cecelia not see her spoon for the very first time when it has rice cereal...or something on it.  She really enjoyed passing it between both hands and biting on it.  (Perfect!)

I also ordered the next size up of her Bummis Super Whisper Wrap diaper covers and they came in the mail today!  Her size smalls seem to keep coming undone...which can be a bit messy.  It's either because she's approaching the 15 lb. switcheroo mark, or the velcro's just toast.  Either way, the new covers were a welcome addition this morning.

And clothes...while Cecelia seems to be growing well, I'm not sure she's ready to switch to her 6-9 mo. clothes yet.  I bought a snowsuit for her in the 6-9 month size and she tried it on yesterday and it was downright comical.  Now, some of her 3-6 mo. clothes are getting small, so we'll start phasing things out, but I don't want her swimming in things either.  Perhaps we'll see a growth spurt in the next two weeks...or perhaps we'll see one after she starts really using those spoons.  Happy New Year everyone!