Monday, August 1, 2011

Heh-woah, Bye

Like the Beatles song, Hello Goodbye, Cece has these two down pat. She has been a proficient waver for quite a while now, though early on she would only wave goodbye. This was a strong indication to most people that she wanted them to go away. I don't think that's true, but she does seem to tell it like it is. A while back, we heard the intonation of a greeting, like hello but without the clear articulation of a word. More recently, we have heard heh-woah. Which is super cute. Especially when she's hiding behind something, peeks out, and yells, "HEH-WOOAAAHHH". You'll just have to trust me on that. So, yesterday to add to the cuteness, out of absolutely nowhere... Cece and I were leaving to go to the pool and were at the bottom of our stairs in the foyer. I told her to say goodbye to daddy, which would usually result in a waving hand...maybe...if he's lucky. But yesterday, it resulted in, "Bye.". Just like that. "Bye.". To which I responded, "Did she just say bye?". She had, and now she wants to say bye to everything and everyone. And it's awesome. Girls at the gym playroom...bye. People at the supermarket...bye. People at the Babies R Us...bye. The potty...bye.

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