Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Little Treehouse

Is awesome! I had heard of the Little Treehouse before. I'd even walked by once or twice, but we had never been in before. I like to get my money's worth and I knew you had to pay to go in. I wanted to make sure Cece was old enough to appreciate the experience and was she ever!

We left this morning headed to the High Point Sunday Market outside of the High Point Cafe in Mount Airy. It began at ten and we got there a little early. It was smaller than we expected, it was very nice, but we were pretty much done by 10:18. We had passed the Trolley Car Diner and planned to go to lunch there, but we had time to kill.

We went to Chestnut Hill to walk around, we passed O'Doodle's on the way to park and decided to play there for a bit. I mentioned the Treehouse and thought we might stop in (if I could find it). ThE last time I was in Chestnut Hill, I was a bit disoriented, but this time when we got close to O'Doodle's, I saw The Little Treehouse on our right. We checked the hours, headed to O'Doodle's, where Cece played her heart out, and closer to lunch time went to The Little Treehouse.

The "cover" (like a club, get it?) is $8 for children who can crawl or walk and you can also get food to eat. You accrue a tab and pay the total at the end. This place is awesome! All they toys and play structures are wooden. It's like a mini Please Touch Museum, only organic and local too! It was just the right size for Cece, and it wasn't too crowded. The tumbling area was open downstairs and we checked that out after lunch. Cece played, I placed a food order. By the time the food was ready, she was hungry and had checked everything out. It was perfect.

And the food! Well, it all adds up - let's just say that. But, it was organic, delicious, and just right. Cece had Mac and cheese, her all time favorite food in the world. Jeff and I both had healthy paninis. While we didn't get to it, there were also some pretty amazing dessert choices available and I look forward to giving them a go another time.

And there will be another time!

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