Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Blueberry (Yaris Edition)

Background. I seem to have a thing for blue cars. Preferably ones with good gas mileage. The first car that I bought independently was a royal blue Kia Rio. This was back before anyone else had heard of Kia. I did my research. Oh, I forgot to mention, I'm also a fan of inexpensive cars. And it was. Jeff dubbed this car the blueberry. When we were pregnant, we had a plan to upgrade Jeff's 2 door, and did so through a Kia trade. My Rio for a new Kia Sportage. Because, at the time, I had a plan to get a Honda Fit (blue). Which would have been great. If we could fit a stroller in the back. But we couldn't. So, I looked some more and decided on the Yaris (also blue).

Yesterday, Jeff told me a story about his day at work. A co-worker's father came into the gym and asked, "Whose Yaris?". To which Jeff responded, "Mine.". "Nice color.". "Thanks, well, it's my wife's, so I'll let her know.". "Great car. I have to run, so Joe (his son), tell him the story."

So, Joe tells Jeff the story.

About how his family is on their third Yaris. And with good reason. The first Yaris they owned was hit, badly, by a drunk driver. The car was completely totaled. But Joe, who was driving, walked away without a scratch. So, his dad got another Yaris. And the next time, his wife, Joe's mom was in a bad accident. Again, the car took the impact, not the person inside. Joe's dad has written letters to the company, including pictures of how the cars were wrecked and the people inside walked away unharmed. He likes to tell any fellow Yaris owners what a good, safe car they own.

Shortly after I purchased my Yaris, there were many, many Toyota recalls. But not for the Yaris. I had recently considered that when the time came, I might return to Kia for another Rio, but this story made me think. Not just about sticking with the Yaris, ut how fortunate I have been when it came to cars as well.

When I was in college, I was in a bad accident where the Dodge Omni I was driving (which seemed to be possessed) hit the guard rail on the turnpike and spun around twice...on the turnpike. I broke my finger, but besides that, was fine. When I was just 17 weeks pregnant, I was in an accident in the two door Honda Civic, and was fine. And, just a few months ago, over spring break, we were rear ended in the Kia Sportage and were all three fine.

So, Joe's story made me feel lucky to own a Yaris, but also lucky. Just plain lucky.

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