Wednesday, August 24, 2011

It's All About Meeeee

And by me, I don't mean me, but rather Cece. New word alert. So, shortly after Mommy, as opposed to Mimi, Mama, and the like, came just plain me. Following on the note of h-e-l-p, we often hear, no, meeeeee. I've stopped asking if Cece would like to help me or if I can help her or if I should do just about anything. Even if I am going to do it, I tell her she is going to do it. Amazing what a little semantics can do for you.

Some of the things Cece likes to do herself these days.
1) Pour cereal
2) Pour almond milk
3) Pour a big ole' glass of water
3.5) do you see the puddles all over our house?
4) Get the kitchen towel to soak up wet spots, complete with stepping on the placed towel to really get it all up.
5) Countless other tasks that she is/is not quite ready for at the ripe age of 2 going on 20.


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