Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mr. And Mrs. DeMartino: The Ceremony

My beautiful younger sister, Sheila, is the newest Mrs. DeMartino, joining the ranks of two pretty classy ladies!

Just as it had with the rehearsal, the ceremony went smoothly, without a hitch.  Cece made it up the aisle in daddy's arms and only had to leave during the vows while I was up on the altar.  Like the rehearsal, she could roam freely in the first pew between daddy and I.  I'm told that whenever I went to adjust Sheila's train, Cece would mischievously poke her nose out into the aisle as if she would make a break for it, but (fortunately) never followed through on that.  Father Frank's homily was very pertinent to Chris and Sheila and the foundation of a great life that they are, together, building.  Father also read from letters that both Sheila and Chris had composed telling the story of how they met and came to this point on their wedding day.  It was beautiful to hear their words about each other and the love encapsulated there.

Besides a temporary bubble location snafu, everything went really well.  Sheila was telling me how bummed she was that she couldn't see everyone coming in.  I explained that that is just what the videographer is for.  You can only file so many memories without the benefit of another set of eyes.  So many great, lasting memories were made that day.  More on the reception (or the aftermath coming tomorrow).

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