Friday, August 5, 2011

Out of Business

As it turns out, Whitehall Jewelers went out of 2008. Clearly I wasn't paying attention. When the "shank" (just learned this term Wednesday evening - it means the thin part of the ring's band) needs to be repaired on your engagement ring (who knew it could even crack) and the jeweler has gone out of business, a jewelry service plan doesn't mean much. So, as a result I investigated the cost of repair with every jeweler remaining in the Montgomery Mall. It amazed me the difference in cost that was possible. The first jeweler quoted a price at $64. I thought that was a pretty good deal considering the service plan that was now void cost more. But as I researched further, I found some were more and some were less. Some cited the rising cost of gold as accounting for a high price to solder a ring. How does that work exactly? In the end, Belden Jewler won our business for the fine and fair price of $35.99 plus tax. Two weeks from now, my ring will be good as new!

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