Friday, August 26, 2011

Big Girl Bed

Cece's bed transformed Sunday evening into a big girl bed. Her crib is convertible in four different fashions and this reincarnation is as a daybed. Since we just love living on the edge around here, we did not utilize a bed rail. The stories that have emerged from this change are fabulous. At least to me. And I'd like to preserve them here. Especially tonight's memory.

The first night, once Cece was well into REM sleep and before I turned in for the night, I wanted to check on her positioning. Cece likes to do veritable cartwheels in her sleep, so there was concern that she would fall out of her bed. It is a mere 1/2 foot or so from the ground, but still, a concern nonetheless. I was also concerned that she would turn the knob, walk right out of her room and do who knows what in the middle of the night. So, the first night I went in to find Cece rotated so that she was perpendicular in the bed with her head by the wall, arms up with her palms clasped behind her head and her feet dangling off the edge of the bed. Since she was in a deep sleep I was able to move her back to a "normal" sleeping position.

Two nights later, when I went in, she looked to be clinging on to the side of the bed closest to the wall so as to stay as far away as possible from the edge.

The first and maybe second morning, upon waking, Cece stayed in her bed as if she was still confined to do so. By the third morning, she was knocking on the inside of her door (very politely) upon morning waking and following naps as well.

Tonight was the night. We didn't hear anything, but when I went to check on her, Cece had rolled off the bed and across the room close to her changing table. She was sprawled on her back, with arms and legs in the position you might see if you imagine a police drawn chalk outline on the sidewalk. Again, she was in a deep sleep and I was able to swiftly pick her up and place her back in bed with only a slight stirring. But as I sat down to write this, wanting to preserve this memory, I just heard a thud. Better to sleep on the floor, or possibly fall again?


When I went in to check on Cece following the ominous thud, she was back in bed. Which indicates to me that she got back up, climbed into bed, and fell back asleep by herself. Sigh. She really is all grown up now....

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