Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wedding Day Preparations

The bridesmaids prepared getting their hair done at Aerodrome, and makeup done by 

Both our hair and makeup artists (and there is no better way to describe them) did an amazing job.  I'm not much of a makeup person, and ... Asked if I would like a more natural look, or a dramatic look.  I asked for a more natural look and was very pleased with the results.  I would highly recommend ... As a makeup artist for friend's weddings in the future,  she came to the house and was well prepared, kind, and fast.  To help the hair/makeup process, Sheila had set up a schedule to keep things moving along.  At the hair salon, one of the hair dressers commented that she had never heard of a bride setting up a schedule before (which, to be  honest, surprised me).  Anyway, the schedule kept things moving in the right direction and by the time the photographer arrived, everyone was dressed and ready, felt prepared and ready to assist Sheila.  

When it came to preparing the flower girl, a big part of that was just trying to get her to rest so that she would not be cranky for all the festivities.  We all wanted to be ready by 12:30 at the latest, so in order to try for a two hour nap, Jeff put Cece in the car at 10:00 and drove around until she fell asleep.  Her normal nap time is 1-3, but on this day that just wasn't going to work out.  Then she got a nap before coming to mom-mom's house to get dressed.  Just like the schedule worked out well for all the bridesmaids to get ready and be "in position," it also worked out well to get Cece ready.  I was last on the makeup docket and Jeff and Cece arrived just as my makeup was getting finished.  I took Cece upstairs, potted her and got her dressed, got dressed myself, and Jeff got dressed as well.  All with time to spare to pose as I was zipping Sheila's dress.  

We took pictures both out front and in the back at my parent's house and the trolley arrived to take us to the wedding.  Cece and Jeff followed in our car and, evidently, Cece loved watching us all in the trolley.  But she also thought she would eventually get to take it out for a spin.  Since Cece still needs a carseat, and we would need a car to get home at the end of the night, we thought this was our best option.  We arrived at the church with time to spare.  More on the ceremony tomorrow.

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