Friday, August 12, 2011

Wedding Central

My sister Sheila chose to DIY a few things for her wedding. And by a few, I mean 500 + chocolate covered pretzels, and the cutest. cake. toppers. ever. You will just have to wait for pictures because I'm not ruining the surprise. There were other items too, like the place cards, hotel bags, bubbles, and programs. All of this, she thought of, planned, and executed. She is, simply, amazing. Her wedding will be the picture of class and style. And I cannot wait. In all our DIY'ing, we made a cake box from an existing gorgeous and perfectly matched box by cutting a hole in the top, hot gluing ribbon around the edges, and hot gluing pearls down around the opening. Sheila called me the next day to report the opening was not the right size to fit...a card. A little ironic, right. But it sure was pretty. And fix-able. It is always fix-able.

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