Monday, August 8, 2011

Carseat Complaints

I'm pretty sure I may have mentioned...a few times...that Cece didn't love her carseat in the manner that most young babies do. At first we thought when she turned around she would be better. And she was, but it is still not her favorite place as my sister learned firsthand this past Friday.

My sister is getting married this coming Saturday. More on that in future posts. She is home all this week and was planning to take the train up last Friday. Which is a perfectly good option, but I knew there would be plenty to transport and offered my transportation services, as opposed to either Sheila or Chris having to rent a car. Cece and I drove to Sheila's work in DC on Thursday during nap and the trip down was rather uneventful. We stayed the night in Arlington and planned to drive again during Cece's nap with the idea being that she would sleep in the car for pretty much the whole trip. Which would have been true were it not for that overturned tractor trailer. We were held up in a traffic jam for approximately an hour and a half. At which point Cecelia woke up. She was rather distressed that we had not yet crossed the border out of Maryland. Throughout the rest of the trip, she worked herself into such a state that she threw up in her carseat. She had never done that before (thank goodness) and hopefully will not again. You don't realize just how many crevices there are in a carseat until you're cleaning it at a rest stop along I-95. After that she was much more pleasant for the remainder of the trip. We all got home safe and sound and that is the important thing. Cecelia still doesn't love the car - noted.

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Jen said...

Oh my... I think that's all I have to say... and that I hope my future children don't hate the car! ;-)