Monday, August 10, 2009

To Pacify or Not to Pacify?

That is truly the question. Before Cecelia arrived, I read Dr. Karp's Happiest Baby on the Block and noted his indication of a happy baby's need to suck and the role that pacifiers can play in meeting that end. He also indicated that if taken away at 6 months there should be no "addiction" problems. Addiction is my word, not his. Regardless, with that in mind, we got two 0-3 mo. pacifiers (Jeff prefers to call them nuks) and two 3-6 month pacifiers. I also read that it's important not to introduce a pacifier until 3-4 weeks to ensure that breastfeeding is well established. Well, breastfeeding was WELL established. Cecelia was eating approximately once an hour and when we went to the doctor, she thought that was perhaps more often than actually necessary and it was time for the introduction of the pacifier. There was one attached to the carseat and so, right in the pediatrician's office, the pacifier/nuk was introduced and I can understand why parents have trouble removing them at 6 months, so we'll cross that bridge when we get there. Cecelia's been eating with longer stretches in between, but still gaining weight well (she's outgrowing her newborn sized clothes). There are also times when she clearly does NOT want the pacifier. But, just in case, there is one connected to either her carseat or diaper bag, and one connected to the co-sleeper. We have pacifier pods from JJ Cole which have come in handy for keeping the pacifiers in central locations that keep them easy to find and so far we have not had any need to invest in more of them, though they're probably due for a good ole sanitizing.

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Wendy said...

Hey Ellen! You are SO going with the flow of parenting - kudos to you:) RE: pacifiers - Oscar stopped using one when he started teething, right around 9months. Ali "gave away" her pacifiers to the newest member of our extended family when she was 2.5. We packed and mailed them with an explanatory note. No tooth or mouth problems. As with everything you've shown thus far - you'll roll with this too and do what works for your family.
Happy thoughts on your anniversary:)