Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Age: 6 Weeks

Today I am 6 weeks old and I've taken a picture where it looks like I'm making eye contact with the camera!! In reality, I was first looking at the night light. I love looking at lights, so mom and dad turned that off. Then I was looking at the Baby Bjorn hanging on the door, and my eyes actually followed it as mom moved it - wow! I was also unhappy with my first outfit, so as mom was pulling it over my head, I decided to spit up all over the inside of the outfit (so much for that one). And, right after this picture was taken, I spit up on this one too (and a little bit on Fred), so I spent some time sans clothes to see what else I had in store this morning. I visited with friends and my cousins again this week - I can't wait to play with everyone! See you next week.

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