Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ignorance WAS Bliss

Well, sort of...a friend lent me a video of the Dunstan Baby Language System. It's not a language per se, but can be viewed as such. Basically, a baby's body will make certain noises as reflexes to what is going on in their body. For example, when a baby is hungry and/or ready to eat, he/she will start sucking and emitting noise. The combination is the sound neh. So, when you hear the sound neh, you know the baby is hungry. Likewise, the tightening produced in the chest when you have a burp stuck combined with noise produces the sound eh. Cecelia makes this noise a LOT. One of the pointers that Priscilla Dunstan, originator/researcher of the program, pointed out, which is one I had thought beforehand and was confirmed by her, is that it's really important to get a baby's wind (she's Australian and I loved the use of wind for gas) out before feeding or else the food (milk) will build on top of the gas bubble and come out with it. This happens a lot in our house. So, I've been trying valiantly to discern eh from neh and let me tell you they sound an awful lot alike and when they escalate, oh boy. The other three sounds were eirh for lower wind, owh for tired, and heh for other discomfort (i.e. wet diaper, too hot, too cold, or uncomfortable position). What I would really like is the sound for all good, or all clear after we're done burping. It seems like there's always more burps, even when it seems impossible, and yet it's true. What is that sound?

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