Saturday, August 22, 2009


Cecelia is a little girl with a big personality and we love every minute of it, but it's comical nonetheless. For example, she just smacked me and then pointed and stared as if to say, "I'm keeping my eye on you." We commonly put words in her mouth to accompany her funny expressions, cries, or actions. In early days, in the middle of the night, Jeff was trying to calm her when (we now know) she was mighty hungry. She literally punched him in the face 4 times with a closed fist and quite a wail. In his words, "WE'RE NOT FRIENDS...ANYMORE!!!!" Body language is another favorite. She is now sitting upright in her pocket sling, with one hand resting on top of the other. She also lies asleep on her side with both hands tucked up in front of her head (very angelic). And my personal favorite is still her use of her middle finger. She's cut back, but in the very beginning, it was definitely her favorite to show off.

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