Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ultra Sound Off

Last night we had an ultrasound to check for size. Now to compare, before at 30 weeks, baby's head was measuring 30 weeks and her belly was measuring 33 weeks. When measured to fundal height in the appointments both at 30 weeks and 32 weeks she measured 3 weeks ahead/big. Also, with those head/belly measurements Jeff was picturing a bowling pin (tee hee). Last night (at 34 weeks) her head and belly both measured at 36 weeks, so her super-human growth has slowed a bit and she is now measuring approximately 2 weeks ahead instead of 3 and...she looks a bit more proportional (yay!). Her leg bone averaged out to measuring 35 weeks. According to the ultrasound tech, there is a lot of amniotic fluid, which she says goes with the territory of a big baby, but...they'll probably have to start doing non-stress tests. With the end of the school year fast approaching, I could use a non-stress test anyhow. Actually, I'm not feeling stressed at all - but I feel like I should be. What gets done, gets done - you know what I mean? And I, we have an appointment tonight and the doc will decide if any more ultrasounds are needed and/or the non-stress tests. We like to keep it interesting with this pregnancy, but not TOO interesting. Baby's head is still down and in the "go" position. They say that after 36 weeks it's highly unlikely that baby will turn and since she's approx. 36 weeks, I don't think she's flipping anytime soon (though you never know with a diver for a mother). Also, something I hadn't heard before - I have a "mature placenta". Who knew? According to the U/S tech a placenta is measured on a scale of 1-3 and my placenta measures at a 3 so it is all done growing. In some women if a placenta matures early the baby could be small..but clearly that is not a problem we'll be facing. Pictures coming soon, but they're a little fuzzy b/c baby was moving so much. She was sucking with her lips throughout and flipping from side to side. During the ultrasound, the tech kept getting cross-section shots of organs and my mom wasn't following - so I explained, well if we amputated her, that's what her legs would look like and if we cut her in half, that's what her stomach would look like. Mom didn't like that at all.

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Julz said...

My goodness- It's amazing what you can learn about your baby before they've actually popped out these days!! Well, well done you, honey! Stay well. Will be thinking of you guys!