Monday, June 29, 2009

Glucose + Non-Stress

So, in an effort to combine trips to the hospital, I opted to get my glucose test on the same day as the non-stress test. In my infinite wisdom, I decided to drink the purely sugar based drink AFTER the non-stress test, b/c I figured it would get baby moving, but maybe a little too much. Both tests went well. After meeting with the doc, I'm being ping-ponged back over to the Fetal Diagnostic Center. The doctor there hadn't mentioned to us, but did include in his report that now we can get the AFI (this stands for Amniotic Fluid Indicator) weekly, even though when my doc asked for it, they said they could only do it for low fluid, not high fluid. So, when I called the Prenatal Testing Center to make an appointment as instructed, I was re-directed to the other special office, and when I called there I left a message. This is the place where it could take two weeks to schedule a test (or at least that's what I was told last time), so if I were a gambling woman, I'd say we're not getting any AFI's done before she gets here anyway. We'll see.

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