Friday, June 12, 2009

Non-Stress Test

We had our first non-stress test today. So, how this works is they strap a fetal monitor around the belly that monitors baby's heart rate and is hooked up to a machine that creates a print-out with a graph of baby's heart rate in beats per minute (very old school looking). At the same time, I'm holding onto what looks like a game show buzzer and clicking away any time I feel the baby move. This is also recorded on the print-out with check marks. Then, you can correlate the heart rate and baby's movements together. The doctor was looking for an elevated level twice within 15 minutes. At one point, she came in the room and asked if I was having contractions to which I stammered, "Well I don't think so." And in my mind, I thought - shouldn't you be able to tell me that? At first I was disappointed with baby's show. But then towards the end, she really turned it on and I got to click a good bit more. Either way, the doctor was happy, and when I asked for clarification on the results, she said, "Well if you weren't I'd be sending you to triage right now." Very reassuring. I also clarified the baby's relative well-being if she were to arrive now and was (sincerely) reassured by her response. So, twice a week until the goes!

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