Monday, June 22, 2009

Breastfeeding Basics

This past Saturday I took the class through my OB/Gyn office called "Breastfeeding Basics." Don't worry - I won't get into the basics here. I was a little disappointed. I felt like it was very much an overview, and yes - I realize "basics" is in the title. I felt like the lactation consultant who taught the class was letting us know more about products that are available through her store and to call her if there were any problems (because if you have certain types of insurance, you'll be reimbursed...which is good to know, but really seemed a little opportunistic to me) rather than explaining possible problems and how to prevent or address them. Overall, I'm really glad that I've already been to LaLeche League meetings. When I went to their first meeting, I thought to myself "well I don't need this, because I'm going to a breastfeeding class," but I was wrong, and I'm glad that I've continued to go. I feel like I've learned more and felt more supported in that environment. No matter your personal preferences for different choices when it comes to raising your child, I highly suggest reading as much as you can and finding out about any resources available to you, and this includes other people you know. But - keep in mind that everyone has an opinion and if you have a strong conviction, stick to it - don't be swayed. And, that's all I'll say on that.

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Wendy said...

I went to a breastfeeding class and was a bit disappointed, too. Happily, my lactation consultant at AMH was wonderful! FYI, it was about 2 weeks before Alexis arrived (1 week prior to her due date) that I started conditioning my nips with lanolin once a day. Also, personally, it was weeks 2 & 3 that were THE MOST PAINFULLY SENSITIVE weeks to nurse. But then we were golden:) Good luck, Ellen!