Thursday, June 25, 2009

Changing Table Change Up

Originally, I was trying to abstain (strange word to use in this context, huh) from getting a changing table for the baby's room, part to save space, money, etc, and part because the one we originally checked out seemed to never be available for purchase leading me to believe it was being discontinued. I figured I could use the pack and play changing table, or change baby on a pad on the floor. In the end, I caved...but because of a great deal! A changing table in a matching wood to the dresser and crib was marked down nearly $30 making it about $70 less expensive than the one we'd originally chosen with the discount and the shipping was free! I was able to use a gift card to make the purchase and it has shelves which accommodate all the baskets that were soon becoming staples on different spots on the floor. Since the changing table was delivered today and set up tonight (you never know), the room is now really done. I'll include pictures soon as Jeff, his mom, and sister did such an awesome job decorating to make the room special for baby.

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