Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Minute Clinic

Have I ever mentioned how much I love CVS Minute Clinic?  I may not have recently because (fortunately and knock on wood) I haven't had to use them the whole time during this pregnancy until today...and yet I'm awfully glad for their existence...sigh.  So, long story short, I had that terrible runny nose that I mentioned last week when I sent Jeff out for a med run (Wednesday night) which had followed a week long yucky cough spell.  I thought I was getting better this weekend, but then on Monday morning it seemed to start all over again.  A similarly prego friend mentioned that she had a sinus infection during her first pregnancy and planted that awesome seed of doubt.  At first I had thought this was normal pregnancy cold what with increases in mucus (sorry if that's TMI - but it's true), and I kept thinking how lucky I was to have made it this far without having any cold or flu-like symptoms.  But a sinus infection is something that won't go away on its own.  With a week of unpleasant illness under my belt, I decided to skip the scheduling of an appointment at a time that I really couldn't make and circumvented the system right on over to CVS minute clinic where I was signed in, examined, diagnosed, and treated within...minutes.  LOVE that place!  Highly recommended.  Keep in mind, I'm really more of a pro-biotics girl than an anti-biotics fan, but when you need them to do the job, that's really all there is to it.  Hopefully I'll have better health news to report in 2-3 days, but don't worry, I'll finish all my doses.  It also figures that right when I'm down to having doctor appointments every two weeks, self-doubt related to sickness WOULD fall on the in-between week when I'm not already scheduled to see a Doctor.  


Mother-Daughter team said...

Elle - what did you mean about "self-doubt"?

Ellen Zschunke said...

Just that feeling of doubt that you know what's really going on with your body. Since I felt like it was just a cold, but then it seemed to start over full force. Since a friend had a sinus infection, it made me feel like that could be it since I described my symptoms to her and didn't want to let it go if that was the case.

And - how are you?? The quilt is awesome!! We are planning to hang it on the wall as a decorative piece since it's so pretty :)