Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Car Seat Safety Inspection

On Saturday, following BB class, Jeff and I headed to Zipley Garage for our car seat inspection care of When we arrived, there were no noticeable inspectors on the level we were instructed to go to, so we went into the hospital to check in at the information desk. The gentleman there was kind enough to inform us that the inspection was moved across the street to the Levy Garage. He then began to give us walking directions. I interrupted to let him know that it was ok, I knew how to get over there and we'd need to drive. He said, "But you'll have to pay for the garage, if you walk you can leave your car there." To which I replied, "And I thank you, but this is a car seat inspection and they' the cars." Besides the mix-up of location, this is a great (FREE) service that is offered to help safely install and utilize car seats and bases. The people there were incredibly kind and helpful. They checked the seats, made sure that we understood how to properly get them latched in and checked their recall lists, just in case. They also made sure we are familiar with the different facets of the seat itself and when to adjust the shoulder harness as baby grows. If you are an expectant parent, please go to Seat Check to find an inspection station near you!

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