Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Double Duty

Today we had two appointments - one at 8:45 for a Non-Stress Test (with the doctor that delivered Janina's baby at 1:00 AM just hours before...no wonder she looked tired!!) and one at 1:30 for (what we thought was) a level II Ultrasound. The non-stress test went fine - baby moved and rested. When we got settled in for our ultrasound, I asked the tech, "So, what is the difference between a level I and a level II ultrasound?" To which she replied, "You're not getting a level II ultrasound." Come again? Evidently, you can only get level II ultrasounds between 18-20 weeks (information that could have been divulged to me earlier), so we got another ultrasound just like the other ones which measured all the same things as the other ones, but stressed us out a great deal more. So - on that front, no new news is good news. Baby is measuring in the 76th percentile, down from the 95th two times ago and down from the 80th the last time, so (as expected) she's normalizing and the amniotic fluid index was 30 cm which was exactly the same as last time, so new fluid is not accumulating, which is good news. According to the consulting doctor, there may be more bloodwork, or another glucose test, but our doc will tell us all about that on Friday, so - on to Friday it is! I feel a bit like a ping pong ball.

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