Sunday, July 26, 2009

Web Nursery AMH

While we were at Abington, we were visited by a photographer. I was familiar with this as I had friends who had just recently had babies at Abington and were perusing their proofs when I was in to visit the new arrivals. The pictures get posted on the hospital's web nursery and are available for purchase. When I read the brochure, I was under the impression that we could get the photos taken, have them posted on the web nursery for free and then decide later if we wanted to purchase any of the photos or packages. After the photographer finished, however, she informed me that no, we'd have to decide right then and there and if we didn't purchase a package the photos would not be posted on the website and they would not be available for purchase at a later time. I'm not one to be bullied and so, we did not purchase any of the photos. The least expensive package was 29.99 and included wallets of 1 pose. The prices went all the way up to close to $300! And, if you've clicked on the link, you may have noticed that yes - the proofs are on the website and yes - they are available for purchase. What kind of marketers would make it that you couldn't buy them later? So, a word to the wise - don't be bullied in the throes of new baby love to buy professionally taken photographs. Plus, before she started, I asked if we could also take photos while she was working and in the age of digital photography, we got many of the same poses. As you can see above, Cecelia was not having it.

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