Tuesday, July 7, 2009

In the Clear

At today's appointment, we had a non-stress test and got the results from the glucose tolerance test repeat as well as the blood work for CMV, Parvovirus, and Toxoplasmosis and the good news is we're in the clear. Phew! Now that I definitely don't have gestational diabetes I'm eating what I want for the next two weeks. Who am I kidding? I already do, well - I still try to eat healthy, but I should say I'm not giving it a second thought whereas before I would really try to avoid any unhealthy sugars the day before an appointment. And as for the other blood work, it is definitely reassuring because I went to my good friend the search engine and scared myself plenty, so now I can breathe easy. Tomorrow, I'll head to the fetal diagnostic center for the AFI (which I found out I can get just as easily in the office - I knew it!). So, I'll be canceling that last appointment and rescheduling to consolidate trips to the doctor. I'll update on fluid levels tomorrow. Today, I also asked about which body parts were sticking out where and found out that the large bump right in the middle isn't a body part at all, but a big ole lump o fluid. She's curved all around it - how accommodating.

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