Thursday, July 2, 2009

Still the Same

We had our non-stress test/pre-natal app. combo today before the holiday weekend. The non-stress showed a VERY non-stressed baby for close to an hour and then she kicked it up a notch for a "textbook" print out. The exam showed that I am measuring "about the same." I'm guessing that actually means 2 1/2 cm., but to be fair, the same would be 2 cm., 50% effaced, so to err on the side of the caution that's where we are. We can anticipate our repeat glucose results, and lab results for CMV, Toxoplasmosis, and Fifth's Disease back in 1-2 weeks (we'll see) and we tested negative (a good thing) for Group B Strep. I did get the AFI (fluid level check) scheduled for next Wednesday and the following week (again...we'll see). So next week, there will be three days of doctors. Overall, I'm still feeling very comfortable and able to move around and do all sorts of things.

On a different note, Jeff has had a bad case of insomnia. (I've been sleeping just fine!). He commented this morning that once she comes, he thinks he'll be able to sleep - haha. Little does he know what's about to happen here.

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Wendy said...

Ah, poor Jeff! And yes, while Baby certainly has a way of disrupting sleeping schedules, Nick continues to sleep "like a baby" through every night-time waking ... that's 4 years and counting! Jeff might be onto something:D On the flip side, it meant that I could give Nick the late night feeding and knock off early to do a.m. feedings ... you'll figure out what works for you both. ENJOY this time without baby ... she'll give you plenty of reasons to reminisce (sp?) about times before she was here.

Peace & love sent your way!