Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Age: 1 Week

Age: 1 Week

Hello Everyone! My name is Cecelia and I am 1 week old today! I wanted to tell you a little bit about my first week of life. Well, it was full of firsts: my first day of life, my first diaper change, my first and second, and third baths, my first trip home, my first walk, my first outing, and my first doctor's appointment. Over the next few days, my mom (she's a much faster typist than I) will tell you all about me and what I've been up to, but each week I'll check in to let you see how I'm growing with my friend, Fred the monkey. So, that's it for now - see you next week!

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Colleen said...

Hi Cecelia! Welcome to the world:) You are such a lucky girl to have parents like yours! I look forward to reading all about your exciting days ahead.