Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Home Is Where The Heart Is

Last Thursday, we came home from the hospital. The day before, the hospital had given me a menu to select from for the whole day. I had been advised that discharge could take quite some time, so I ordered all three meals because, well, why not? After all the doctors had checked both Cecelia and I out thoroughly, I got my first shower of my hospital stay (tmi?) and felt like a "real" person. Cecelia and I got changed into "street" clothes instead of the hospital pj's we'd both been sporting for the past 2 days. And just then, lunch was delivered. I am not one to waste, so I sat down to eat. Jeff delivered bags to the car and brought it around to the Wunderle Lobby where I met him in a wheelchair (dramatic, much?). After a slow and safe trip, we arrived home to find a beautiful wreath that Jeff's mom, i.e. Nana, made to welcome Cecelia home. Jeff gave Cecelia the grand tour and we began to settle in at home. More on those adventures coming soon!

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