Monday, February 23, 2009

Registry Regret

Well, I guess it's not regret exactly. Registering early took a weight off my shoulders early on. I felt like we were done. Decisions made...then I got the email. The fact that the stores email is very nice, but when it contains the information that a product or products you selected have been discontinued - well that's just upsetting. At first I thought, ok, so if we get it right now, we can still get it - WRONG! Of the now unavailable items are:
* Sweet Safari 4 pack Receiving Blankets (no biggie - we only picked those because they were safari themed)
* The sun screens (for the car, ok, that's all right)
* The mirrors (to see rear facing baby in the carseat - ok...not a necessity, plenty of other manufacturers of those out there)
* Baby Towel Pouch (now, I really liked this - it was a bath towel sling and I thought it was just a superb idea, so I am hoping to find a suitable substitute)
And...the BIG ONE
* Quattro Tour Travel System - Catalina

For those of you unfamiliar with baby stuff, the travel system is the big stroller, the infant car seat (you're not allowed to leave the hospital without one and without being able to prove that you know how to install it!) and the infant car seat base. Now, this threw me for a loop. Because I loved it! Tonight I went to the store to select a suitable replacement, and I was not pleased with what I found. So, it's back to the online picture and a prayer drawing board. Maybe I'll get one of the car seat frames instead. Thoughts? I'll post what I find - perhaps it will be the next poll.

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