Saturday, February 28, 2009

I Heart the Yaris

One of my changes for the lenten season (not exactly something I'm giving up) is to change my driving habits (speeding) prior to baby's arrival. In the new car I've been very mindful of my speed, and I've begun to coast and shift into neutral even more than before when approaching a line of traffic or a red light. Not only has this been a safety practice, but I've also noticed a drastic change in my gas consumption. This week, I really kept close track of my gas guage and from last Saturday's fill up to today, I've only used half a tank! LOVE IT. When I did fill up last week, it was only $18. I can definitely live with spending $9 a week for gas. Part car's efficiency, part mine... So far, so good with the new car - it is not possessed like the last one.

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