Monday, February 2, 2009


I'm pretty sure now. I first felt flutters entirely too early to be true - on Christmas Eve. But then, as I was settling in to sleep two nights ago I felt flutters, but wasn't sure that they were real or right. Last night I felt them again, but not where I expected. I expected to feel flutters low in my belly, but they were very high, up by the middle of my breastbone. I've decided that baby is enjoying his/her seemingly large current accommodations. Don't get used to it in there, it's going to get quite cramped soon enough. I envision baby doing laps up and down and completing flip turns at each end. Honestly though, it felt like a butterfly flapping its wings right by my heart and I can't think of a more fitting description. I love sleeping on a regular basis, but now I'll look forward to each night with a different sense of anticipation.

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