Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Paths We Choose

Wordle: The Paths We Choose

This is a "wordle" I created at . It is the text of an article that Jeff wrote called "The Paths We Choose" for our Shippensburg alumni magazine and also the context of an entry on his new blog, The Independent Patriot. Wordle is a form of word art that you can create either by typing in your own text or by copying and pasting text found elsewhere, for example, the lyrics to a song or the transcript of a well known speech. The wordle creates something akin to a tag cloud creating the most frequently used words in a larger, bolder font.

I chose to make word art with Jeff's article becaust it has a great deal of meaning to me and I hoped it might also be inspirational for others. Jeff has taken a new step in creating his own blog and embracing writing.

Try out wordle for yourself or with your students as a presentation tool. Perhaps a paper or speech they have written will find its way into a wordle to share with others. Use it to find commonly (over) used words in their writing. Just have fun.

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