Friday, January 1, 2010

New Things

With the New Year and Cecelia's quickly approaching 6 month mark comes new things.  New toys for one.  I got all her 6 month toys ready to go with batteries, batteries, and more batteries.  Because as opposed to all those passe rattles and touchy feely items (which I love...) 6 months seems to mark the time for the toy industry to step it up a notch.  It seems like everything flashes and makes noise.  I'm not sure how this toy era will go in our household.  There may be headaches and toy hiding to follow.

The toys that I asked for were feeding items because 6 months will also mark the start of solid food (and solid food poop) for our baby girl.  After washing her spoons and bowls yesterday, I introduced them for her to explore a bit.  As a teacher, we always introduce math manipulatives and the like for students to explore and experiment with prior to asking them to do something concrete with them.  This way, they get out all those things that they really want to do with those items.  Likewise, I thought it best that Cecelia not see her spoon for the very first time when it has rice cereal...or something on it.  She really enjoyed passing it between both hands and biting on it.  (Perfect!)

I also ordered the next size up of her Bummis Super Whisper Wrap diaper covers and they came in the mail today!  Her size smalls seem to keep coming undone...which can be a bit messy.  It's either because she's approaching the 15 lb. switcheroo mark, or the velcro's just toast.  Either way, the new covers were a welcome addition this morning.

And clothes...while Cecelia seems to be growing well, I'm not sure she's ready to switch to her 6-9 mo. clothes yet.  I bought a snowsuit for her in the 6-9 month size and she tried it on yesterday and it was downright comical.  Now, some of her 3-6 mo. clothes are getting small, so we'll start phasing things out, but I don't want her swimming in things either.  Perhaps we'll see a growth spurt in the next two weeks...or perhaps we'll see one after she starts really using those spoons.  Happy New Year everyone!

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