Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Great Sippy Spill

Cecelia's started experimenting with sippy cups.  We already had one that I got at her baby shower and I purchased two stainless steel varieties to try out.  Two out of three leak like crazy.  The munchkin sippy and the Foogo sippy both leak in the same spot.  The Safe Sippy seems to work ok (so far).

Grade: C - Leaks and it's plastic...

Grade: B - Leaks but it's stainless steel

Grade: A - no leaking, stainless steel with a sleeve so that it's not too cold on little fingers, the handles may not hook close enough to use links to connect it to the stroller though, but it's worth it if it doesn't leak!

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Wendy said...


you might also try straw-type cups ... straws lend to more sophisticated lip & tongue development and are less likely to interfere with the nursing suck. And, rather than tilting the cup up to drink (thus increasing the chance for leakage), the straw-cup stays with the liquid at the bottom. Many varieties of straw-cups come with a closing feature, further preventing leaks.

Both Oz & Al skipped sippies and went right to straw cups - we've never looked back!

Just a suggestion!