Monday, January 18, 2010

Fittest Mama Challenge Update

So, I can't go to the weigh in on Thursday so I weighed in tonight at class and...I'm down 8 pounds!!  According to the guidelines, the max allowable for the first two weeks is 4 per week, so I've done all I can do.  Go Team Purple!  I'm definitely sticking to this and reaching my goal!  In the spirit of full disclosure, I decided that each time I meet my goal for a weigh in, I get to reward myself with a guilty pleasure food.  I figure once every two weeks is pretty good, right?  The max allowable is 3 pounds per week from here on out, so 6 more to go for the next weigh in.  I don't know that the rest will be so "easy."  I've been eating better.  For starters, I thought I was eating well, but improvements were made, and I've been working out more than before.  And, it's paying off.  Optimal health, here I come!

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