Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Age: 26 Weeks

OMG - I'm getting awfully close to 6 months.  This Friday, I have a doctor's appointment and shortly thereafter I'm planning to stuff my face with...food, glorious food!  This past weekend, I went for my first trip to Washington, D.C. to visit my aunt Sheila and all her roommates.  We visited Aunt Sheila's college and the Basilica and then we visited Uncle Chris at work.  We also went on a driving tour of the monuments.  My highlight was a group nap with mom, aunt Sheila, and mom-mom on Sunday morning.  I sure do like my naps.  And if I don't get 'em in, I sure am a cranky pants.  I'm sitting up like a pro these days and when I'm laying on my belly, I push my butt into the air, a sign that I'll push up on hands and knees soon to really get moving.  Look out, here I come!


Jule Ann said...

Hey, Ellen!
I'm sure you've already done a ton of research on introducing solid foods, but I thought I would share our experience with you, because I think it's right up your alley. We did Baby Led Weaning - which is all about letting the child feed herself real, whole foods. It's been amazing, and here we are, almost a year after first starting it, and I can't imagine having done it any differently. I blogged about it here.

Ellen Zschunke said...

I loved reading your post on baby led weaning. I had heard of it, but hadn't really looked into it before. It's interesting how "anybody's guess" it is, like you said. I like the idea of BLW, but I also prepared a whole bunch of purees in advance, so I'll probably use those first and then let her feed herself - the video of Valerie with broccoli was fabulous!