Friday, January 15, 2010

Juggling Act

Last year, I had a lot of ideas about what this year would look like.  And it didn't seem preposterous to do many of the things I did before.  Now it does, and I plan to scale back in order to set my priorities straight.  As you may have seen a running theme in the "experts" post, it's that I'm driving myself a little nuts.  My husband will most certainly attest to this.  After Cecelia's pediatrician's appointment today, I was instructed to stop reading and go back to what I was doing that was working for us and what made us happy.  And I'm going to follow doctor's orders (and my husband's too).  There are certainly pieces of the new routine that are good and can stay, but for the most part, I'm going back.  Before when I didn't know all this "stuff" I was happy, the baby was happy, we were all pretty happy.  Now, I'm clued in a little more to the times when she's not happy and that's good - but I can't drive myself crazy because of it.  It's not healthy for any of us.  Soon, some of my other obligations will be finishing up and I can re-center and re-focus on what's really important right now.  This time, right now.  That's what's important.  We won't get it back and any of the negative parts will be forgotten, so why dwell on them now?  

Speaking of Cecelia's doctor's appointment - something else to worry about...which I'm not going to do, of course.  According to their measurements this time, she lost weight!  Now, the doctor we spoke to today insists that the last measurements must be wrong.  And I agree - she's outgrowing her clothes now, she seems heavier, and she looks taller, but alas.  Plus, the last measurements were a big jump.  One I was super proud of, but I digress.  These measurements keep her more within the percentile range that was the norm for the first three months, that four month spike was, most likely, wrong.  For the past month or so, Cecelia had been eating at routine times, now I'm going to try to feed her as often as possible, if for nothing else to stimulate and increase my supply (just in case), and we're introducing solids which should help pack on more pounds too.  The doctors were not worried about this... so I (well, I'll try anway) won't either.

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